Why is it so easy to have a New Year’s resolution… yet so difficult to keep it?

Why do we continue to do things that we know will not work?

Why do we not do the things we know we SHOULD do?  And vice versa?

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Lawrence Phillips is dead.

(If you aren’t a football fan… bear with me here.)

Lawrence Phillips wasn’t “a” football player.  He was one of the best college running backs I have ever seen–live, on tape, in person, etc..  He had a great combination of speed, size, and agility.  He was tough.  He made exceptional athletes look very, very average.  If there was a weakness in his game, it was in his attitude.  Lawrence Phillips was an angry and scary Marcus Dupree.  When Lawrence ran with the football, he didn’t just want to score a touchdown; he wanted to score a touchdown after running you over.

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Culture v. Culture

One of the more important Christian works of the 20th century was H. Richard Niebuhr‘s “Christ and Culture.”  This book has sparked dialogue and is often revisited by theologians who take the principles outlined and attempt to modernize or (at the very least) apply them to our age.  In the end, we recognize the tension that exists between that which is holy and that which is… well, everything from “secular” to decidedly “unholy.”

So, what happens when secular culture faces a dilemma of one of its gods set against culture?

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Acorns and Oaks: Great-Grandmothers

My eldest relatives that I got to know were two of my great-grandmothers.  Great-Grandma Delilah Fischer was a lady that I would get to see each summer when we would come back to Nebraska to visit family.  She always seemed to be very warm and welcoming.  I remember going to her house and watching Wheel-of-Fortune with her and hearing stories about how she was still going to dances and driving around town, even into old age.  My last memory of her was of a visit that I had with her when she was in a nursing home.

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The Last Time

On Sunday I went to a funeral for Greg Braun.

Greg was technically my mother’s cousin, but we always called him Uncle Greg.  Every summer we would get together with that side of the family.  I loved hearing the stories from Greg and his brothers Jim and Bruce.  They provided family history and perspectives on my grandparents, my mother, and my aunts and uncles that were unique.

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My Dear Friend…

Dear Friend,

I am writing this for you.  You know who you are and I don’t want to name you, so we’ll just leave this anonymous:

I grew up as a worrier.  In fact, there are times that today I catch myself wrapped up in worry.  But always–always–after traveling the road of “what if,” after going down the path of worst-case scenario… I find myself here.

I pray that the Lord leads you here soon.  I’m not saying that it will be easy.  No… unfortunately it will probably be very tough.  It may be the hardest thing that you have to face.

But–to quote Francis Schaeffer–“He is there, and He is not silent.”  Sit back, and trust in the Lord.

And so, in the words of another dear friend:

May the Lord…

…be above you to bless you

…be within you to strengthen you

…be beside you to comfort you

…be behind you to protect you

…be beneath you to uplift you

… and be in front of you to lead you

today, tomorrow, and forevermore.

My friend, I love you and you are in my fervent prayers.