Why is it so easy to have a New Year’s resolution… yet so difficult to keep it?

Why do we continue to do things that we know will not work?

Why do we not do the things we know we SHOULD do?  And vice versa?

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Lawrence Phillips is dead.

(If you aren’t a football fan… bear with me here.)

Lawrence Phillips wasn’t “a” football player.  He was one of the best college running backs I have ever seen–live, on tape, in person, etc..  He had a great combination of speed, size, and agility.  He was tough.  He made exceptional athletes look very, very average.  If there was a weakness in his game, it was in his attitude.  Lawrence Phillips was an angry and scary Marcus Dupree.  When Lawrence ran with the football, he didn’t just want to score a touchdown; he wanted to score a touchdown after running you over.

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