Acorns and Oaks

The former Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy had some great quotes.  One of my favorites is:

Where would you rather be than right here, right now?

As one who has always been a fan of history, I have often pondered the question, “What era would I like to have seen?”

It would have been interesting to have been an adult in the 80s.  Ministry in Lutheran schools would have been interesting during the 50s through 70s as well.  Historically, the era from Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency through the Truman administration would have been something to live through.  The Industrial Revolution… the Civil War… watching the growth of the United States… all of these would have been such a different way of living.  Going back even further into the past (the Renaissance and Reformation era) would be fascinating to see what I would be fit to do in that time and place.

But, you see, that is exactly the point of the futility of such thinking:  That’s not where God has placed me.

Life is often documented by events, but it is not measured by events.  Rather, life is measured by relationships.  Those familial, collegial, and friendly bonds that hold us together are the measure of our life.  Seeing historical events or experiencing history is viewed in a vacuum that is distorted by hindsight.  The outcome of those events–how the events shaped people–is important.  Infinitely more important is the day-to-day interplay–the discourse, the attitudes, the love–that we share.

For me personally?  I have lived as an acorn among oaks.  Some of these oaks may be people you know.  Some of them are unknown, but I want to share their stories… or, at least, their stories as I know them and through my eyes.  Some of these oaks may consider themselves as acorns; some may not know that they are oaks.  I don’t want to embarrass anyone, and so I will try to keep some of these people pseudonymous.

I am so very thankful and blessed by the people in my life.  I am consistently impressed and amazed by what God does through them.  Thank you, Lord, for letting me see you at work.  And thank you, my friends and family, for who you are and who you are becoming.

God bless you!

Next week:  My great-grandmothers


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