Professional or Home?

I somehow, by complete accident, ran across the greatest website in the universe awhile back:


Go ahead… click on it… watch the intro…

Of course, Zombo was meant as a joke.  It was meant to poke fun at the various Flash-based web-intros that were extremely popular in the late 90s, early 00s.  Remember those days?  Remember when you would type in a web address and the site would make you watch some video for a few seconds before you could actually do something?

Yeah… it was very annoying.  And what made it more annoying is the fact that it was considered professional-looking at the time.  As a result of this madness, Zombo was created.

Zombo is annoying.  It is a loop of endless promises that fail to come true.  It is a perfect caricature of the former “professional” websites.

And what does that mean for Lutheran Schools?  A few thoughts:

1–We struggle with the “professional v. home” feel to our schools.  This tension–unfortunately–rears its head in many ways.  For example, when some begin to talk about having high academic standards within a Lutheran school, there is the inevitable voice that says, “But we are built on Christ!”  It is almost as if people view academic rigor as somehow antithetical to the proclamation of the Gospel.  It is not an “either/or” proposition.  We can be professional and serve as professionals, all while providing a “family” atmosphere.

2–What are you promising?  Zombo promises the world and fails to deliver.  Is your Lutheran school fulfilling its promise?  If not, why not?  What steps can you take to fix it?

Don’t let your school’s website and social media pages become more Zombos.  But more importantly, don’t let your school culture be a Zombo.  Remember why you exist and seek to fulfill that mission.

God bless!


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