Some Things I Have Noticed

These are some nuggets of wisdom passed down from my father to me when I first began teaching:

Some Things I Have Noticed

Those loudest in demanding apologies are often quietest in giving them.

Proof that adults learn more slowly than children is that most youngsters learn to say “no” long before their parents do.

The Light of a Christian does not shine brightly from the top of a high horse.

I am convinced that people want all children to be held accountable for their actions… except their own.

If Abraham Lincoln really said this, he was right: “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Before you can communicate a thought, you have to have one.

Those who never learn to play pianos will probably end up moving them for those who can. Those who play say, “I need to have it over here.” Those who don’t play can only reply, “I’ll move it there for you.”

Those for whom you do the most appreciate your efforts the least.

Those first to criticize are the last to volunteer assistance. Volunteers are seldom recruited from critics.

Some people really are victims, others only play at it. Those who play the victim have insulated themselves from the ability to forgive and have forgotten their own part in the matter to such an extent as to refuse to see that they also need to ask for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the key to a happy life. To be truly happy, it is necessary both to forgive and to be able to be forgiven.

The only real cure of immaturity is time, and even that often fails.

Christian schools gave birth to public schools and will likely be present at their funerals.

Blame is so quickly spread and so slowly accepted.

Some parents will do anything for their children, except love and forgive each other.

Unrepented sin blinds its victim completely.

Nothing angers the liar more than the fact that his lie is not believed.

Some parents expect more from teachers than they themselves are willing to give.

Parents who choose to see teachers only through the eyes of their children are bound to see all of the monsters of society the immature human mind can conceive.

Pietism is born at home; unfortunately, it doesn’t stay there.

Pietism is a merciless judge that attempts to make God obsolete.

Some things are actually true.

God is as He is and I thank Him for it; I am what I am and I can find no good excuse for it.

Love for yourself brings grief yourself; Love for God brings joy to all.

As a principal I noticed that some parents are very concerned that I don’t know the names of their children; others are very concerned that I do.

God really does love us all.


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