Lax’s Test

(The following is an article from “Psyche & Spirit, 2008.”  That is the only information I can find on it!  I have searched and searched and haven’t found any other attributions.  If anyone finds any, please let me know.

The question of which voice deserves the most weight is a difficult one for church workers–not only during projects, budgets, etc., but also during the Call deliberation process.  A second point of this article that I think deserves more thought concerns proper dissent:  How can we disagree RESPECTFULLY?  I hope you find this article thought-provoking.)

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Budget Season!

Guess what time of year it is? Spring?  Lent? Holy Week?  Spring training?  Spring football practice?  Track season?  Golf? There is a lot going on!  In addition to those listed above (and many others that are not listed) it is also budget season.  That wonderful time of year when churches and schools try to figure out how to do much more with less. It is an unfortunate and often unspoken truth that churches and schools tend to balance the budget on the backs of the church workers.

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