Top 10 Principals

I have been going through some old files and recently across a clipping of Top 10 Principal Traits.  I cannot find any source for this clip, even online.  I do not know the author of the following, but if anyone knows the source, I would love to cite it:

Top 10 Principals Behaviors

1—Respects and values teachers as professionals

2—Has an open-door policy—is accessible, available, willing to listen

3—Is fair, honest, and trustworthy

4—Supports teachers with parents

5—Supports teachers in matters of student discipline

6—Gives praise and acknowledgement for a job well done

7—Demonstrates warmth and friendliness to teachers and students

8—Respects differences in teaching styles

9—Gives teachers opportunities for responsibility and decision making

10—Cares about what makes teachers happy in their job

So… what do you think?

A few thoughts:

1–I agree with many if not all of these items.

2–I don’t know the age of this list, but I do know it is at least 10 years old.  Prior to the e-learning revolution, MOOCs, etc. and yet, this list holds up.  Leadership is timeless.  Management gets caught in the immediacy of the moment.  Management is about mitigation of crisis.  Leadership, however, is timeless because it is necessarily forward focused.  A leader may not always be adaptable, but leadership qualities span generations.

3–One issue I have with this list (and many like it) is that it makes broad statements that are expected to hold true in all situations.  For example, item four is great in theory, but what about those situations in which the administrator should and must confront a teacher about an issue?  Principals cannot unilaterally support teachers.  If a teacher is doing something that cannot be supported, it is the duty of the principal to do what is best for the students and school.

So, again I ask… what do you think of this list?  What would you add?  What would you change?


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