Much has been written on Generation Y and future generations.

Many people are trying to find out where Generation X is going.

The Baby Boomers are in the discussion concerning retirement, social programs, etc.

Last week I went to a funeral for a family friend.  This woman was 90 at the time of her death.  I thought back on the previous two years in which my own family has seen three members from that generation (often dubbed The Greatest Generation) die.

Oh the stories they told!  The lives they lived!  The hardships and struggles that are unfathomable to us today.  Stories from the tail-end of the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and World War II.  How many of these stories will be lost to history?  How much of our family histories are lying in a nursing home, with no one to listen?

Please, before it is too late, take the time to talk to the loved ones in your life.  Learn from their experiences and wisdom.  A generation is being lost, but let us never forget them.


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