You are here.

Well, if anyone reads this, you are here.  That’s kind of obvious, I suppose.

But I mean that in a larger sense, too.  I am a big, fat guy who has bumbled and stumbled throughout his life from one thing to the next.  I have spent my life trying to stay out of the way.  As a result or maybe as a part of this, I find myself apologizing for my existence much more than I should.

And that is not right.

To view myself in that way is to deny vocation–the position and places in which God has placed me.

Some of you may experience similar internal battles.  Maybe you are entering a school year unsure if you are prepared (mentally, spiritually, or physically.)  You may look at your colleagues and administration and question whether or not you will make it through the year.  You may find yourself jaded.  You may question the attitude, motivation, and effort of parents and students.  You may be tired… and there is so much left to do!  So much time on the calendar!

But you are here.  And because you are here, you are called to make a difference.  

Every day that you teach your students you are leaving an impression.  Every conversation with your colleagues has the power to encourage or discourage.  Every day that you talk with a parent, you represent yourself, your class, your alma mater, your school, your congregation, and Christ Himself to that family.

Quite the responsibility, isn’t it?

But you are here!  That YOU exist; that YOU live in this time period, in the place YOU reside, speaks with a deafening roar. God has called YOU and equipped YOU to serve in this place, in this time.  And that has made all the difference.  Do not be afraid.  Are you tired?  That is great!  Now you can find true strength and peace through Jesus!  Are you nervous about “that parent?”  What a great opportunity for you to minister to a family!  Are you concerned about declining enrollment?  Now we can see what the Lord will do!  Not all of our conversations will be HAPPY, but they can all be JOYFUL.  Not all we experience will be “nice” but we can learn from ALL experiences.

Thanks be to God that we are called to be a part of His ministry.  God bless your year!


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